Meet the Co-op Team



Mr. Mike Bancroft (The Sauce Boss)

   is an interdisciplinary community artist and educator born in Chicago. He is the founder of Co-op Image, a youth arts and entrepreneurship organization, and makes a mean bunch of sauces and seasonings (a.k.a. Co-op Sauce!) that help fund it.


Anne Kostroski

    The owner of Crumb Chicago, Anne runs her bread pastry baking business out of the very same kitchen where Co-op’s sauce is made.  Anne employs a number of Co-op Image youth for her operation and is the other half of Sauce and Bread and The Stew Supper Club. If forced to choose a favorite Co-op sauce, she’d put Mole at the top of her list.


Thelonius and Biafra

   These two youngsters have grown up around Co-op Image and Co-op Sauce. Their father, Kevin, is the Chair of Co-op Image’s board. The pair can occasionally be seen working a market or managing a welding project for one of Co-op Image’s glassblowing workshops. Thelonius’s favorite Co-op Sauce product is the Spice Rub on tortilla chips. Biafra is yet undecided.